An ocean and a couple of months separates the uruguayan ROTTEN STATE  who will represent our country in Germany at  WOA
As you recall, the last date of the MBU, the crossovers were selected as the band responsible for being part of this mega event and prepare the  farewell on Friday June 28 at  Bluzz Live.
Thanks to Carlos “Closmu” Musetti in charge  of this “battle” and to Marcos who has so  much to tell in this interview.


1-We  have witnessed lot of emotion at the contest’s final,what means for Rotten State  to be part of this mega event?

It’s crazy! Something unique, different, like  this band. A band that is a year and a half old, who won a contest not coming  strictly from  metalhead environment, with an important  difference in our ages, with a unique musical and  aesthetic offer throughout the contest, just wanted to win … we want to think we deserve it!
The possibilities for growth and expansion this contest means for a new band like ours are unimaginable.
Rarely, at present, is given the opportunity for a band that is in their beginning to exploit their potential while is starting, when it’s fresh, full of ideas and energy. This should always be that way , and not belatedly reward bands for their career, when time  already spoiled the initial impulse.
And unfortunately  that happens a lot in this country.  The history of rock and roll indicates the opposite: when a band deserves it, grows at the start, because in this business what matters is the energy and freshness of ideas.

2-For our country this has been an unprecedented. Do you feel as a responsibility to be the representative of Uruguay, how do you feel wearing  “la celeste”[1]  knowing what is WOA?  

It is a huge responsibility. Luckily we will have to work hard until we travel that we  are a bit unaware of everything. But if you think about it, may be it’s the first time that  a uruguayan band plays at a festival of this magnitude.
That honor has fallen to us and makes your hair stand on end.
To this we must add that none of us have traveled to Europe, and we  only have two shows outside the country last year in Buenos Aires. In fact, Rotten State only has a dozen shows in its path!
But there is no doubt that we will do our part for the  confidence that the public and the jury placed us in  and to give the best show of the band  in an event of such importance.


3-Have you had a chance to listen to  the bands selected in the others MB?

We listen to some,  the level is very high and varied La Chudra, An Apple A Day (“Topo”  really like it!)  Rotten Souls, Bull Riff Stampede… and the greeks  Chronosphere that make a style very similar to ours!

4-”Kill it yourself”  had great impact on the scene. How has the distribution and diffusion of  your debut?

“Kill it yourself” is actually a kind of a  demo of what this band is today.
It was recorded a month and a half to start rehearsing all together, so it’s kind of a primitive attempt of a registration.  We were just beginning to play together, to find our sound and work as a band, and we also were recording our first album. But some of the features of the band are already there, especially the speed (composing, playing, acting) that marks the history of this band.
The fusion of styles, from the thrashy guitar  to the  hardcore base pulling double bass drums, and punk  voice and attitude. Lyrics that range from fantasy, B movies and comics to a  reflexive look of our daily reality. But mostly, I humbly believe that the songs are very good, short, catchy  and almost pop format. Of course all of  this we’ll develop it better in “Sick World”.
If revolutionized the scene or not, it’s not to us  to tell .
Regarding the distribution, it was all in a very traditional, independent, cheap  and DIY, with the resources that we had. So far there is only one edition, which was made to launch it in July last year, thanks to support from Crecer Records  and Cristian Montes de Oca.
After all of this ends we are confident  to  find national and / or international labels interested  in re editing it.


5-The opportunity to travel and be sharing stage  with tremendous bands is pretty amazing considering  that this gives opportunity for underground labels who are in search of new talent turn their look to your  work and our country?

Of course. Right now and specially in this time for the band  in which we are, this is a whole new life.
What we  started for fun, without much expectation and an almost amateur  way with  friends, will be exposed to an audience and international market.
We will see audience , producers, bands and labels from around the world. But we have confidence not only in what we have to  offer, but what this country produces , no matter what style it is.
Here we do things the hard way, poor and complicated. But gives that honesty, hard work and passion. That I think we make a difference, and it is our winning card, “rotten’s “  and  all uruguayan underground

6-How’s the work of “Sick World”? Going to Wacken means a delay, there will be opportunities to present  it before going  or  we have to wait for the return from  Europe?

“Sick World” is almost ready to be released, and it will be before traveling to Europe. We can’t get there without the new material. The idea is to have it edited and have  copies when landed in  Germany, to show it , spread and to finance the tour.
Maybe presenting it before we got on the plane … actually, which delayed the album’s release was in part  Metal Battle contest itself, as we focus more on that.
In addition, Gaston Neves do Mato,  who is  recording and mixing it , also participated in the festival until the  final instance as a guitarist in Through The Eyes Of Perversion, so it was all quite complicated. .
But now that the contest it’s over  the priority is to finish it. And do not worry , we ‘ll be back from  Europe… and in one piece!


7-You  have managed to connect in a special way in your shows with people, no doubt Germany will be different how do you plan a  stage of this magnitude?

It will be different, of course. Rotten always plays in small or  middle places, where you have the audience in front of you, and that allows makimg our show in a special way, by involving the audience in the party that the band  offers.
In Wacken we face a much larger stage, at a greater distance from the public, and a different language. It’s challenging, but everything is at the moment.
The trick  is slide it over and learn from experience. We have confidence to communicate and connect with the public in any circumstance.
Luckily there are band members that already has some experience in major festivals and venues. We will use creativity to make good staging, with some surprises as usual.
If we have fun and give the best we have, we have faith that the audience will wherever we play at.

8-Do you have plans (depending on the possibilities) to book  shows over  Europe, taking advantage of the trip and all broadcast you  already beginning to have?

It is absurd to think of going to Europe for the first time, playing in a festival this big and turn  the three days befor to home.
Our intention is to get some 20 European shows in countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic. Will  see if we can, none of us did it before, times until travel are extremely short and not to mention our founds .
We will need all the support we can to face this callenge. Support from Europe in order to realize shows, arrange transportation and lodging.
And here in Uruguay support of government agencies, press, media, businesses and the general audience to help us fund this trip. So go to our shows, buying T-shirts, albums and if anyone wants to lend some selflessly handle is also welcome! This band is made by all. Without the support of all, this is impossible.


 9-Some years ago  thrash in general had a sort of resurgence, particularly the crossover has been the recent return of Toxic Holocaust, the way of Municipal Waste, Evile Force (among manies) do you consider this re-thrash has come back to stay, how do you see all this worldwide?

The crossover/ thrash  was in the eighties one of the most exciting experiences, creative and fun within  metal and rock and roll in general. Supposed to unite styles and cultures like punk, metal, hardcore, skate, fanzines, etc. to create a new musical form and expression crumbling walls and barriers.
That seems very positive, and always welcome a proposal like this, if only as a musical revival, again these days where people seem increasingly isolated, selfish and intolerant.
We felt a lot of opinions about this band, about this contest and its outcome are unfortunate, especially coming from young people who should be fighting for their right to be and express themselves, and affirming that decision, instead of charging those we are trying to do the same.
Who was bothered by all of this has  a big problem, and  would make a great favor if  get an honest job and do something instead of messing on who put effort, enthusiasm, dreams, creativity and humility to contribute and unite  the scene.
Luckily we feel the support of the majority of those who know us and the ones who recently  get to know us and the bands with whom we share the contest.
This is not punk vs. Metal. This is not Nacional against Peñarol[2].This is not life or death. Quite the contrary. It’s just thrash crossover … but we like it!


10-Thank you very much, success, to WAR!

Thank you very much to you for the support! Please continue with the same!!
Yeah,we are  travelling  in this together, see you at the final  party and also at the return! A lot  to be done!
Crossover to a final scene!


Pics by Gianfranco Giudici

Ref:[1] La celeste ,The Sky Blue, uruguayan  national football team jersey
[2] the most important football teams in Uruguay





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